Candidate Tool Kit

Put your best foot forward by checking out the tips we have for you in our Candidate Tool Kit. The Tool Kit provides two impressive formats for your resume and suggests tips for creating the best possible LinkedIn profile, presenting yourself effectively in an interview, and evaluating a counter-offer from the company you are leaving.

Resume Formats

KSB Consulting sees hundreds of resumes each year.  Although content, particularly quantifiable results, is the real key to delivering your value to a company in a document, it is important to have a resume that is is well-formatted, organized, and easy to read.  KSB Consulting has selected two formats that deliver information effectively. Both can be developed using Microsoft Word templates, or simply click on a download link below to download the Microsoft Word file and update it with your information!

Format 1:  Traditional Resume – Microsoft Word BOLD Resume
This most traditional format provides a brief summary of qualifications and then allows for specifics related to Professional Experience, Education, and Personal/ Community/ Awards. Download Format 1.

Format 1

Format 2:  Highly Tailored to Position Resume – Microsoft Word BASIC Resume
This resume format highlights your skills, achievements and specific experience for the role to which you are applying.  This information is followed by overall Professional Experience, Education, and Personal/ Community/ Awards. Download Format 2.

Format 2 Highly Tailored Resume BASIC

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Having your profile up-to-date is not only important for career progression. Remember, your clients are on LinkedIn. Your competitors are on LinkedIn. You need to be on LinkedIn with a professional, accurate profile. You can check out all 10 tips for a top-notch profile, but the three below are a minimum:

  • Current employer and title must be accurate.
  • A brief summary of your current role that clarifies what you are really doing each day is critical. Add bullet points to let the viewer know what you’ve accomplished.
  • Career progression is important, so include your last 2-3 roles.

Read All 10 Tips

Interviewing Tips

As an executive recruiter, I hear a great deal about the interview process from both sides: the candidates I have presented to clients and the clients who are interviewing the candidates.  For candidates, here is what I have gleaned from these conversations:

  • Clients want to hear more than what you are doing in your current job. They need to understand what you’ve accomplished.  Focus on specifics regarding the value you have delivered to your current employer in the interview.
  • In our industry, clients understand that you may have had many job moves due to mergers and acquisitions.That said, they want to know that you will be a loyal employee.  Loyalty isn’t about longevity, it just means that you are a committed and responsible employee who will pursue the company’s mission with gusto!

Evaluating Counter Offers

Counter-offers are often used to win back an employee who has turned in his/her resignation. Research has shown that employees who accept counter-offers usually resign within 6-12 months after accepting the counter offer.  If you have resigned and have received a counter offer, consider the points in this blog post.