Category: Banking

  • Quantifying Achievements on your Resume

    As an executive recruiter in the financial services industry, I review many resumes.  I wholeheartedly agree with this author’s approach to quantifying achievements. Take a look.

  • The Positive Aspects of Job Hoppers

    The article linked below shares an interesting perspective on candidates who have changed jobs frequently.  This perspective has some merit in our industry, especially given the staff reduction and consolidation we have seen in banking the past several years.  I often see a pattern with people who are at a particular bank for a number…

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    If you are interested in some new ideas about this age old question – keep reading.  Steve Tappin poses some interesting questions to ask yourself if you are considering a move to a new organization.  He encourages readers to avoid the trap of making this decision primarily based on compensation and to look at company,…

  • Hiring People Smarter Than You

    I have always been a fan of Jack Welch’s business books.  Here is his POV on hiring. Hiring people smarter than you.

  • Happiness: Moving The Average Up!

    Food for thought as we all run as fast as we can to meet our goals: Shawn Achor Ted Talk

  • Richard Branson’s Take on Hiring

    I have always been a fan of Richard Branson. Maybe it’s because I aspire to work from a hammock on my own island! Branson always has an opinion and many times it makes you step back and think. I love this take on hiring. Fit is SO important, and many times rushed and overlooked. How…

  • A Simple Way To Make An Impact

    This article reinforces a few simple ways you can make an impact on the job or at home. Words to live by! 10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day

  • Infusing New Ideas or Hiring Yourself?

    Sometimes, in an attempt to hire a candidate who will be a good “cultural fit” with the organization, managers make the mistake of hiring themselves.  The article below discusses why that can be a big mistake.  One reason that rang true to me is that it is important to hire people who challenge your thinking…

  • Great Question!

    The author of the attached article suggests some great questions that can help organizations determine whether a candidate is a cultural fit. Take a look! Unconventional Interview Questions

  • Limit my choices?

    Given too many choices, some companies just can’t pull the trigger on a hiring decision.   The attached article describes a company that couldn’t find a viable candidate out of 25,000 applicants, and another company that bypassed on a candidate because he didn’t have two years experience using a simple database tool he could have…