Tag: 2013

  • Richard Branson’s Take on Hiring

    I have always been a fan of Richard Branson. Maybe it’s because I aspire to work from a hammock on my own island! Branson always has an opinion and many times it makes you step back and think. I love this take on hiring. Fit is SO important, and many times rushed and overlooked. How…

  • A Simple Way To Make An Impact

    This article reinforces a few simple ways you can make an impact on the job or at home. Words to live by! 10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day

  • Infusing New Ideas or Hiring Yourself?

    Sometimes, in an attempt to hire a candidate who will be a good “cultural fit” with the organization, managers make the mistake of hiring themselves.  The article below discusses why that can be a big mistake.  One reason that rang true to me is that it is important to hire people who challenge your thinking…

  • Great Question!

    The author of the attached article suggests some great questions that can help organizations determine whether a candidate is a cultural fit. Take a look! Unconventional Interview Questions

  • Limit my choices?

    Given too many choices, some companies just can’t pull the trigger on a hiring decision.   The attached article describes a company that couldn’t find a viable candidate out of 25,000 applicants, and another company that bypassed on a candidate because he didn’t have two years experience using a simple database tool he could have…