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  • Leveraging the Dramatic Changes in the Regional Banking Landscape

    The regional landscape in community banking is changing quite dramatically.  For evidence of this, look no farther than the three significant acquisitions that were announced in North Carolina in the past several months: Capital Bank acquiring CommunityOne Bank, Yadkin Bank acquiring NewBridge Bank, and Bank of North Carolina acquiring High Point Bank.  With regional and mid-sized…

  • A Simple Way To Make An Impact

    This article reinforces a few simple ways you can make an impact on the job or at home. Words to live by! 10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day

  • How Recruiters are using Social Media Profiles

    As I read through this article today (see link below), I thought it might be helpful for me to let my readers know how I use social media as I connect clients and candidates. LinkedIn is a good resource for a baseline understanding of background and experience. If you are going to have a profile,…